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ALL proceeds (less any farm/chute fees) from the Louisiana Quarter Horse Breeders Association Stallion Auction are used to benefit our youth scholarship program.  Since 2001, when the program began, $516,000 has been raised to fund youth scholarships.  That is an accomplishment we can all be very proud of!   Thank you for your support.  

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PLEASE NOTE!  All minimum bids will include farm/chute fees (if any). The price you bid is the TOTAL price you will pay if you are the winning bidder. (**Unless otherwise noted).

THANK YOU to all the Bidders who Supported the LQHBA!!!

There are still a few stallions available!

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'Buy Now!' Auction closes Sunday, April 1, 2018!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The winning bidder for each breeding must submit a check or money order made out to LQHBA Stallion Service Auction within 7 days of auction closure.
Terms and Conditions of the LQHBA Online Stallion Service Auction
  • The stallion services purchased through the LQHBA Online Stallion Auction are intended for the 2018 breeding season only.
  • You must register in order to place a bid (click here to register)
  • You may submit a bid on any number of stallion services.
  • LQHBA will pay any required Farm/Chute Fee out of the proceeds of the sale.  All Farm/Chute Fees (If any) are already included in your bid.
  • The breeding fee does not include any shipped semen charges during breeding.  You must contact the breeding facility for current costs.
  • Breedings not sold when initial bidding closes on January 24, 2018 will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for 50% of the advertised breeding fee or the minimum bid specified for the online auction.  Donated breedings will be offered until sold or March 31, 2018.
  • LQHBA will send the stallion farm a copy of the purchase agreement.  The contact information of the breeding facility will be given to purchaser.  Breeding arrangements will be made between donor and purchaser.  LQHBA is not responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this breeding.  

Online Bidding:

  • Minimum Bids -  LQHBA will set minimums on a “per-horse” basis.
  • Bids will increase in increments of $100 (unless otherwise noted)
  • The winning bidder for each breeding must submit a check, cashier’s check or money order made out to LQHBA Stallion Auction within 5 days of the auction closure on January 24, 2018.
  • Any winning bid not paid within 5 business days will forfeit that breeding.


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